ENDO Lighting is the pioneer of LED lighting. Succeeding in practical use of LED light devices first in the world, and it will continue to pursue the possibilities of LED.

Lighting designers consistently specify Atex products for marquee lighting applications in challenging project environments because they exceed strigent thermal requirements, meet lighting goals, and allow for exceptionally long and highly contoured lighting runs.

Odelic is a lighting manufacturer which has more then half a century of history in making lighting appliances. It has been providing many lighting appliances from residents to commercial and public facilities.

Lucifer Lighting have grown from a specialty manufacturer to a global resource for world class architects, designers, and developers who specify our products for everything from high-rise hotels and urban financial centers.

Collux established in 2009, one of the 1st LED edge-lit panel light manufactures in China. Its products including Panel, Linear, UFO Highbay, Downlight.

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